Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to get the WiFi password from a saved profile on Windows

Sometime you forgot the WiFi password for some place you have visited, and you do have a saved profile on your Windows laptop. With a couple of commands, you can get it. First, open a command prompt. Run the following command to show a list of saved profiles.

netsh wlan show profiles

The list may look like below.

Profiles on interface Wi-Fi:

Group policy profiles (read only)

User profiles
    All User Profile     : My Home
    All User Profile     : Guest

Say, you want to get the password for "My Home". Add the profile name to the end of the previous command and followed with key=clear.

netsh wlan show profiles "My Home" key=clear

In the output, you will see a section of Security settings. The Key Content value is the password in clear text.

Security settings
    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal
    Cipher                 : CCMP
    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal
    Cipher                 : GCMP
    Security key           : Present
    Key Content            : MyWiFiPassword

As you can see,  it's very easy to get the password. When guests coming to your house and asking for your WiFi password, don't think that the guests won't know the password if you type it in yourself on their devices.

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